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Heating working ,hot water cuts out.

i have a worcester 28i combi boiler,this is about 10 years old.it runs 2 single and 7 double radiators.
the problem started when i drained the system to replace a washing machine tap that was leaking.i do remember a gluging sound in the pipeworkd as the last of the water drained out.
when the heating is on the problem is less frequent.when its off happens every time.
if i turn on the hot water ,any room or shower, it runs for about 2 to 3 minutes then goes cold.the boiler starts to try to reignite and a clicking noise comes out of it.i had an engineer look at this but i wasnt confident that he knew what he was doing.he sugested cutting the pipes to the bathroom and inserting a bleed point.(the boiler is about 6 foot off the floor the pipwork rises to about 7foot 6inches runs along the cielling to the downstairs bathroom then falls to floor level to feed the hot tap in sink ,bath ,shower.so it is possible there could be an air lock.)however the same problem occurs in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen right next to the boiler.none of the radiators have any air in them,i bleed then every week,for the last 2 months,when the problem started.i asked the engineer if there was a bleed in the boiler itself but he insisted there was not.
secondary to this problem.the timmer is the old push in pull out manual dial in 15 minut intervals and the temp is regulated by a calibrated dial which runs from 0 to 5 .how expensive would it be to fit an modern timmer and a thermostat in the hall way.this engineer sugested a radio linked to save routing wires through the house.
i would appriciate help on this one you cant belive the number of times i have to wash shampoo out in freezing water.
cheers PAUL.

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You wouldn't have needed to drain the system (radiators) to put in a washing machine tap.

An air lock isnt likely as you have mains water running through it.
Have you fully turned on the isolator or stop cock that you used to turn off the cold to the boiler, does it lose pressure

Their are some other possibilities like a flow switch etc I would get a proper engineer to have a look

A wireless programmable stat is relatively easy for an engineer to install £80 - £120. And they cost from £40 - £130. Depending on make and model

Answered 21st Nov 2011

Lambert Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Member since 11 Oct 2011

First of all there is a auto avent on the boiler.
What you need is a local boiler engineer who does repairs or worcester themselves do a callout service for a one off payment it may be your best option.

Answered 22nd Nov 2011


Member since 1 Jun 2008

pressurised pipework to hot & cold taps will not air lock .If the hot water does not operate succesfully with the pressure above 1 bar there is obviously a fault on the fan/air pressure side of the boiler

Answered 29th Nov 2011

sovereign plumbing and heating

Member since 23 Nov 2011

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