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Flat-roof ceiling

We are carrying rennovation works at our house. We have now ventured into a flat-roof extension that some old Victorian houses had built at some point in the 60s-70s. Our builder has advised us that the roof needs to go and that a new one has to be fitted in. We are not quite convinced since now that the plasterboard is off we can see that although some wooden beams look rather weathered, it looks like with the right amount of support it can be salvaged (so as to avoid leaks etc). The room is 12'8" x 6'1" (3.86m x 1.85m) and our builder has quoted us a very precious amount for a new roof. He says that the old roof can't be saved. We are rather strained at the moment but at the same time we don't want to encounter problems in the immediate future.

Any professional advice would be very reassuring.



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Hi my name is conor one of the
I would say that You probably could salvage the old roof with the right support but that depends on how bad the old timbers are weathered also if they have mites, wood worm or wood root then you would need to change them, you could save the best timbers and replace the bad ones to save some money.


Answered 3rd Mar 2017

Hi Theo

First I would say if you are not convinced get 3 quotes because you will get 3 opinions also, go with who you trust the most or clash heads with your builder on new ideas that you may have.

In regards to the preexisting timbers how bad are they exactly? It is difficult to give you an exact answer without looking at them. If the timbers are not going to collapse then yes you can add extra support to strengthen your existing structure.

Hope this helps Theo

All the best.


Answered 3rd Mar 2017

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