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Resin bound driveway

Where can I buy the materials to do a resin bound driveway? Its 45m2.
I have just laid a concrete base and would like to do a resin bound.

Is there only a specific type of gravel I can use?
What type of resin can I use to mix it and what ratio to gravel and resin?

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Hi there, I've not done this personally but a friend recommended a really good site,, that has all the information and a link to suppliers for the materials. Best of luck, Rob


Answered 2nd Mar 2017

Hi there are a few supply only places having laid resin stone I will say if you are using a light colour stone you will need a uv stable resin and a primer for the concrete. The resin mill , touchstone, abruf and sureset to name a few. The stone is 4- 25kg bags to 7.5kg of resin they come in kits. Any good suppliers will send you free samples of different colours.


Answered 6th Apr 2017

Hi I have personally laid resin on numerous occasions and there is a Company called adbruf based in Dorset who I would highly recommend they supply the resin bonded and bound and also they do classes on how to lay the resin correctly and the measurements on the resin when you buy from them it comes already measured so you don't make any mistakes here are their details if you would like to get in contact with them
+44 (0)1963 362640
+44 (0)1963 363762
Adbruf Ltd
Gibbs Marsh Trading Estate
Dorset UK
DT10 2RX


Answered 1st Jun 2017

P hi there if you was to search on Google there are many different suppliers Ie resin Mill resin drives trade and so many others however if you have no experience in resin bound paving in the past I would not recommend giving it a go yourself without correct expertise as it is not as easy as it looks and you can certainly make a mess of it


Answered 9th Mar 2018

You can install a resin driveway by yourself but honestly, I wouldn't recommend it, to do it properly it will require a forced action mixer ( usually £100 a day, usually more if not cleaned properly. ) not to mention if you don't ensure that every mix comes out at the exact same time it could create a different finish on the gravel. you can purchase the resin kits from Derbyshire aggregates


Answered 5th Aug 2019

Hello. If you order from somewhere like the resin mill or surest you can pick the colour blend that suits you and will send all the materials needed and the mix details. I would be very careful if trying to install yourself as although it may look simple can quickly go pear shaped. Also if your surface has been concreted recently it may need to be primed.


Answered 6th Aug 2019

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