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Creating a drive way with retaining walls

Hi all: im thinking of creating a parking space in my front garden. Ive got to excavate and build retaining walls:
1) i like the look of Gabion baskets but dont they leak soil through the gaps onto the driveway ? are they good over bricks ? any problems with them ?
2) Hard standing surface, concrete or blocks ? whats better or why should i chose one over the other ?
Thanks for your advice

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Hi Jemamusela
The first thing you forgot to mention was the height of the retaining wall, so nobody can say what is a better option, Gabion Baskets full of stone are not a cheap option or you would see them on a lot more drives, over the years we have installed 100s of these, they eat up a lot of ground being over 600mm (2') wide, have to be on a good foundation at a slight angle.
Putting a terram membrane behind the baskets stop all the soil filtering through but lets the water seep out,
If retaining walls are built right say in brick and block construction or concrete they should have a french drain behind them to releave the water pressure or build up and piped into the drainage system of soakaway

Paving blocks always enhance the appearance of a property and if looked after will stay smart for ever, proper drainage is essential and the blocks must be cleaned and re-sanded once a year to STOP the water getting through the joints as this will make the compacted sand underneath soft and thats when the trouble starts (SINKING), they are not laid to let the water through or get away
Hope this makes more sense
Peter, Rowan Groundworks Ltd


Answered 4th Mar 2017

hi Jemamusela
Gabion baskets are a cheaper way of retaining yes i would say over time you would get spoil ect on the hard standing i wouldn't recommend them but that is personal preference.
hard standing i would say blocks i think they look much better and age well plus they are let the water get away where as concrete not so much hope this helps


Answered 3rd Mar 2017

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