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Artex has been disturbed

Worried is an understatement on this.

I've had a local builder in to install a new loft hatch (the one in place was unusable at top of stairs due to height, size and position).

I was going to place it in a bedroom with some poor conditioned lathe and plaster (cracks showing - quite a lot - not sure if an issue there but thats another question all together).

In the heat of the moment I thought, lets put it in the front bedroom (for use in the future). It only dawned on me after the fact that it had artex like ceiling on it. I havent had this tested but I know my luck. So lets presume it has asbestos in it.

What do I need to do now? The builder has to come back tomorrow, so what should I ask?

In the room was a single bed with stuff under it and a wardrobe with clothes in suit bags. He covered the room in dust sheets only and I think was wearing a decent mask. He used the facilities in the house so went most places.

Whats the damage to me and my things?


Update in response to SBR - was sheeted as going into roof made soot etc come down. Mask I would imagine could have been for soot, not sure

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Dear doncoop
This concerns me as your property has lath and plaster ceilings which could suggest that any additional artex applications could contain asbestos,due to its age.
Also and as your contractor has sheeted the room out and wearing a mask tells me that he is certain that the ceiling contains asbestos material.
If this is the case and your contractor is not registered to remove asbestos then he is breaching health and safety law,has he already cut out the ceiling? If he has then asbestos fibres will be airborne resulting in your property being none habitabal until tested by your local authorities scientific is imperative to have your ceiling tested for asbestos containing materials prior to any works being carried out on it,
You should have an asbestos survey carried out.
If your contractor has proceeded to undertake the work knowing that there maybe asbestos present then he is indirectly or directly endangering life in the long term,everything in the room,dust sheets,furniture,carpets etc.if the ceiling has been cut and contains asbestos should be treated as contaminated ,removed and disposed of legally,I am sorry if this shocks you but I am shocked that a contractor is prepared to potentially endanger life to exposure of asbestos fibre intentionally ,regards,dale

Answered 26th Feb 2017

Sure-Build Restoration

Member since 16 Aug 2016

Dale is correct in what he is saying in essence but for artexed textured coatings less than a 1M2 the risks are minimal and can be undertaken as non licenced works.
See this HSE guild and I hope that it will alleviate your fears a little
the HSE website is a great free source of information and guidelines for your health and safety concerns.

In relation to your lathe and plaster ceiling I would have your builder assess its stability as if the plaster has come away from the lathes or the plaster and lathes have come away from the joists then the chances are that your ceiling will need to be partly or completely removed and replaced as these ceilings do have a habit of just falling suddenly if too much of an area becomes loose.
Good luck with your project

Answered 27th Feb 2017

Chris Ellis Project Services

Member since 2 Feb 2017

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Hi doncoop, before you go into a blind panic have you considered over skimming the artexed ceiling as this is a perfectly acceptable way of encapsulating artex containing asbestos. check out this link
hope this helps.

Answered 28th Feb 2017

SG Plastering

Member since 28 Feb 2017

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