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Exterior lights keep malfunctioning - why?

We have 5 exterior halogen floodlights in various locations. At various points all have malfunctioned. This is usually where the sensor picks up movement, and fires the floodlight, but then keeps firing the floodlight as soon as it goes off. I end up having to switch off at the mains and leave inactive. These are all floodlights with integrated sensors. Tried replacing bulbs, changing the sensors setting-but no luck. Any advice appreciated.

Update - Thanks for all input. Following advice I will replace the faulty units, and post a job to that effect. Would anyone have advice on any brand of floodlights / pir to opt for that maybe is more resiliant? Looking to replace 2 x 400w and 2 x120w halogens all with pir's, plus a separate pir which is set to fire 2 lights simultaneously at the front of the house. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Unfotunately this is a common problem with these PIR sensor lights. The vast majority of them are made in China and get easily damaged by water ingress. This then dmages the sensor and causes them to malfunction. Generally due to the low cost of the fittings themselves they are beyond economical repair and so new sensors are required.


Answered 20th Nov 2011

sensors are faulty its cheaper buying new lights then changing sensors


Answered 21st Nov 2011

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