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Concrete driveway diy

I'm doing my driveway next week. Have got excavator and skip.
Do I take up flags dig down, wacker it..get hardcore wacker that.. Then a membrane and metal mesh? In not concreting it will get professional in.
Driveway atmo is sloping in towards house
Can I do a driveway channel into a soakaway?

How deep shall hardcore and concrete be?

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Installing your drive without the correct planning is not advisable for more help and ideas go to or
you should also talk lots to your experts.
before excavating be sure you identify where all your underground services are and make sure you are careful around these areas I personally would assess the proximity of my services before deciding whether to excavate by hand or machine.
Good luck with your drive.


Answered 25th Feb 2017

Before undertaking this project
Make sure in your dig there are no existing services.
If so hand dig around these

Hardcore I generally use 150mm then depending on the load going on the drive between 6/8 inches

Best of luck
S o handymen


Answered 25th Feb 2017

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