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Block paving guidelines

Is it acceptable to lay blocks straight onto membrane if there is a layer of sand underneath rather than laying the sand on top? And how much sand should be used?

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no should be laid on 40mm to 50mm of grit sand and the idea is when you compact the blocks into the sand some comes up the joint from beneath locking the blocks in postion with the joint filling sand from the surface then being vibrated down forming a solid joint


Answered 24th Feb 2017

May 1990
Geotexyile /plantation fabric should be laid on 200mm well consolidated hardcore then 25mm of sharpe sand ,well compacted,then 35 mm of sharpe sand graded to final finished levels and falls,this is 10mm higher than required finished level as pavours will compact 10mm,followed by compaction with kiln dried sand /if the application is of slabs then the geotextile sheet should still be beded on hardcore and slabs laid on a 50mm solid screed base .


Answered 26th Feb 2017

As recommended by Marshall's

230mm dig out, then lay geotextile membrane. This prevents the base stone being contaminated with the sub soil. Over this you should lay 150mm of type 1 stone which should be compacted into layers of 75mm. You then spread and compact either sharp sand or grit sand then screed off to between 25 and 30mm. You then lay the block paving spread kiln dry sand compact and brush off.

Please remember if this is a front driveway you need to comply with SUDS regulations.

If you are installing a permeable drive then the dig out and base requirements are totally different


Answered 5th Mar 2017

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