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Replace a sloped roof, a flat veranda roof, loft extension.

Im looking at an end terrace 2 bedroom house. The entire roof needs replacing as it appears to have sunk on one sids and much of the flashing looks like it has been missing for quite some time. There is evidence of leaking in the upstairs bedrooms. At the same time I am thinking of converting the loft, and replacing the traditional sloped roof at the back, with a flatter roof with windows below to increase the overall space. Does this require planning permission?

I am assuming the best plan is to do all of this work at the same time so I need some advice asap before I go ahead with this purchase.

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Before making any decisions I would get into the loft space and inspect the roof structure, I.e rafters. You want to check for any rotting as there is an underlined issue as the sagging in the roof. If you want to put a flat roof on instead of the pitched then you are more than able to do so without permission, you can also replace the roof structure without permission aslong as the finished ridge height doesn't exceed the current height as there is a height regulation to the overall height of the property.


Answered 22nd Feb 2017

You will require building regs to sign the work of.

Good luck Alex


Answered 24th Feb 2017

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