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I am installing a plasterboard ceiling in the basement, once installed should i get the ceiling skimmed, or can i cover with lining paper instead (my plastering isn't gret!) thanks

Thanks to all for your responses, Looks like tape and fill is the answer for me. Really appreciate you all taking the time to help.

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Put your plasterboards up,then fill gaps & joints with easi-fill joint cement.
When dry,bit of sanding off then just paint straight onto boards.


Answered 18th Nov 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

You can dry-line the ceiling; ie use tapered edge plaster board with jointing tape & compound on the joints which, when rubbed down smooth, can be painted over without the need to either skim or line with with paper. A plaster finish though (assuming it's applied professionally) will always be superior.

Answered 18th Nov 2011

Trigonometry Construction Ltd

Member since 3 Jun 2010

Get it plastered by a pro.One ceiling isnt going to break the bank and its a much better finish.

Answered 18th Nov 2011

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

the only problem here scobie is that the plasterboard joins may show and eventually cause cracks through the paper. You could try the joint tape method which would eliminate the need for paper lining. first place the joint tape compound onto the joins then place the joint tape onto the compound. Apply a another joint compound on top of the tape let it dry and sand down to a flat finish, you can then paint and should look as good as if it was skimmed. Just a thought have you had planing for the basement conversion, if so it is highly likely you would have to fit fire boards or double board and skim to keep in regs.

Answered 18th Nov 2011

John Hodgins Plastering & Renovation Services

Member since 17 Nov 2011

Hi you could either skim the ceiling or tape and joint it.either way it would be good enough to either paint or paper it. Time and money wise I wouldn't think would be much difference.hope this helps :-)

Answered 18th Nov 2011

briggs construction

Member since 12 Dec 2010

if you use lining paper then ensure you use straight edge plasterboard, alternatively you can tape the joints and use easy fill, that way you dont have to skim the entire ceiling.

Answered 19th Nov 2011

PPT Renovations

Member since 28 Nov 2009

If looks arent to important, use taper edged board, then tape and fill, no need to paper the ceiling.

Answered 18th Nov 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Hi there if you are going to do it you should use moisture retardent boards thay are the green ones as there is always moistue in basments u can use lining paper but you will get a better finish if you use tape and joint but it all depends on what finish you want and what you are going to use the area for hope this helps m shaw plastering

Answered 19th Nov 2011

MJS property renovations

Member since 12 Oct 2011

beter if you skim ceiling, so that its fire proof ! aswell.hope this answer helps you. cheers dave

Answered 18th Nov 2011


Member since 14 Apr 2010

Get it plastered......if you want to paper it thats up to you??

Answered 18th Nov 2011

ABM plastering

Member since 21 Feb 2011

preferbly a skimmed ceiling is an option, or how about tape and jointing,
once your ceiling is boarded tape up the joints with either paper tape,
or scrim tape which we use for skimming,and apply easy filler over the
taped joints, allow to dry , then sand back with a fine sanding paper 120 grade
then you can paint the ceiling without useing lining paper.
if you do have problems i would consider you call for a reputual plasterer
in your area hope this helps.
best of luck!

Answered 19th Nov 2011

M J Plastering

Member since 18 Aug 2011

get it skimmed, i wouldnt try it yourself if you have no plastering expierience, get someone in to do it,

Answered 20th Nov 2011

GA Plastering

Member since 16 Mar 2011

If you use tapered edge plasterboard you could try tape and filling the joints yourself,you can then just paint the ceiling,without having to plaster the new board.The sensible thing to do,would be to do as you have done i think,is to save money and fix the plasterboard yourself and pay for the ceiling to be plastered by a Tradesman...Good luck,,,Richard

Answered 18th Nov 2011

coastal ceilings&walls

Member since 2 Feb 2009


If you dont want to plaster the ceiling, I personally would purchase the tapered edge plaster board, allowing you to dry line the ceiling.
When you install the plasterboard butt the joints up which are tapered, use either paper jointing tape or scrim then fill the gap with a product call easy fill. this can be sanded back very easy to give you a near perfect finish.
Then paint when its all dry, and if youve done a good job you wont see any joins at all.

hope that helps
rcl carpentry & plumbing

Answered 20th Nov 2011

ML Plastering & Building

Member since 11 Apr 2009

Hi, first skim ceiling and for better quality cover with lining paper.

Answered 20th Nov 2011


Member since 16 Sep 2011

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