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Is there a way to remove dry expanding foam from a upvc window frame without scratching it? as the expanding foam is now like glue

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Yes there are a few ways...wd40 can losen the edges enough so you can get a plastic scraper behind it... celluous thinner melts it, but it may damage the plastic if you aren't quick enough... but there are special cleaners that window fitters use... need a window fitter to come up with the names?

Can also try both of these...

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Answered 18th Nov 2011

Yes, the easiest way to remove it is to buy some upvc solvent cleaner which can be bought from most hardware shops and some tissue. This is the best way to remove it and will not damage the material. Any other info needed please contact me through my builder.

Many thanks.
Windows Direct.


Answered 18th Nov 2011

Go to a window firm, that sell gun grade foam, they also do gun cleaner, which will clean the foam of.
Screwfix also stock it.


Answered 18th Nov 2011

Try a spray can of "Sticky Stuff Remover" available from Homebase. I use it quite a lot to remove remains of stickers etc. Best o luck


Answered 18th Nov 2011

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