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Full re-roof or partial re-roof

Hi All,
Im looking for some advice about doing a loft conversion and whether it is cheaper to remove the full roof and build a total new roof.

The roof is 8m wide x 10.6m long. Hipped both ends with a flat ridge of 2.75m and highest point approx 2.4m from floor to bottom of ridge wood. The current slates are concrete. Roof structure is 2 perlins running around roof, bottom perlin supported from internal walls. House is bungalow at front but goes to 2 storey high at the rear (steady drop front to back)

Im looking to expand into upstairs going from hipped to gable on both ends. 2 dormers to the front and 2 at the rear. I also want to fit slate instead of the concrete tiles.

My architect seems to indicate it would be cheaper to replace the whole roof rather than leave the central 2.75m flat ridge and build from that.

I hope this is enough info for you to give me your thoughts.
e main materials but I would prefer roofer to supply scaffold (Tiles, wood, felt etc).
Many thanks for looking and hopefully guiding me.
The house is located in West Yorkshire

3 Answers from MyBuilder Roofers

Better to replace the whole roof if possible!!


Answered 21st Feb 2017

To make the roof stronger it's best to replace the whole


Answered 21st Mar 2017

A full re roof would be the best idea. It will be the better for the long term.


Answered 3rd Apr 2018

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