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Complete re-roof - advice

Hello, We are waiting for planning approval to lift the roof of our home by 1.1 metres for a loft conversion adding a Dormer and 6 velux windows. It is a detached 4 bed property with original tiles (gaellic) from the 1950's which we are assuming should be replaced at this stage? We are trying to get advice on the following:
1. Best Insulation to use and any other suggestions eg ventilation to make the loft as thermally efficient and comfortable as possible.
2. Ideas on a plain red tile to replace the gaellic tiles - clay ? We thought of a Rosemary tile but can anyone suggest other tiles and why they might be better ?
3.How long will it take to strip off the old roof and replace the roof ? we plan to stay living in the house during the work - is this doable ?

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Hello and thanks for your question.

1. As you will be wanting to make the most out of your new living space I would recommend a foil backed insulation board for your new insulation. Assuming you will no longer have any roof void.
If you are keeping a roof void, the foil backed insulation is still best for the walls with fiber glass blanket in the void itself.
2. Have you thought about keeping the tiles you have? You may need new Battens and underlay, but if the tiles themselves are not too weak, reusing them could save some money. Reclaimed Gaelic/roman tiles can be found at some reclaims yards, should some be broken or need replacing.
3. This would depend who is doing what, how big the job is and your budget. Because of the size of the job, I'd work on 4 to 8 week. Best way to keep the property water tight would be to install a canopy over the property. This would allow work to commence uninterrupted when bad weather does come, but can be expensive.


Answered 2nd Mar 2017

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