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Re-siting a retaining wall 8mtre long x 2.5mtre high

We currently have a 2.5mtre high retaining wall all an 8 mtre run down the side of our house.
we're considering wanting to add a extension down the 7 mtre run of the house side and go 3mtres out.
The retaining wall was added by the house builders to hold perimeter fencing down the whole front and rear garden.
The soil is very clay like and rick solid sat within/behind this retaining wall. Would a better option be to use a mechanical hiab with a bucket on to get under this clay hard soil?
Just wanting to make sure it's possible to move the wall back before we commit to the extension.

There is plenty of access for a vehicle to get up close so maybe if the retaining brick wall was taken down first then the soil excavated with a mini digger - would perhaps that work? I know the consistency a meter or so down is going to be like solid clay so wondering what machine would be capable of digging this out?
As always, your expertise and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Hi if it's possiable to get the hiab in then this would be a good soulotion, as it's a far quicker and cost effective way of doing it.

Hi again that all sounds about right, if you get a mini excavator in (3ton) is the best all round size, you will be able to rip the wall down and the foundations all at once, when that's done you can dig your way back to where you need to get to, you can also dig foundations for new wall with the digger whilst you have it.
Also with the digger you have the choice to load skips up or just pile it up for a hiab to take it away.
Hope this helps


Answered 17th Feb 2017

A hiab would be useless, these are used more for debris or loose gravel etc, I would look into what size of digger you are able to get on site depending on access available.
I often use a 1 tonne digger on private domestic jobs and they never let me down.
It may be a good idea to just take a small section down for access for the digger and leaving the wall up for time being, as this would contain the spoil and to see exactly what your dealing with beneath ground.


Answered 17th Feb 2017

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