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Joint and edging stones chipped and broken

Hi,just had my long driveway tarmaced but they have left me with a horrible joint about a metre away from the entrance and the edging stones chipped and broken to the entrance,what can I do

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Unfortunately, the reason you have a joint is because your contractor has failed to order enough tarmac. Tarmac goes off quick, if you dont order enough you need to create a clean edge for the next load to marry up to. Edging stones are chipped because the tarmac roller or whacker plate has hit them causing damage due to poor operator ability and skill. These issues can't really be rectified cheaply. Edging stone will need removing, however they hold the base and tarmac in place and therefore damage could be done to the tarmac. Tarmac joints are there and are permanent. My best advice is to seek legal assistance to reclaim your fee you paid to the company responsible for this travesty. There is nothing but a calamity of errors by people whom have sold themselves to you as professionals. The only real way to fix this to a professional standard is to start again from scratch. Type1 subbase can be reused but edgings and tarmac will have to go to be replaced with new


Answered 20th Feb 2017

The last Answer is true but there could be another answer to getting rid of the joint in your Tarmac which is Tar and chip over your Tarmac drive this is not too expensive and looks very nice as well!! but make sure who ever you get to do this that you have checked there credentials. This will not fix your chipped edging stones tho.


Answered 6th Mar 2017

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