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Tatmack pathway

Ihave been asked to use cherry picker on a Tarmac pathway I don't think its safe to do so

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yes its safe to do so I suggest putting ply board down over the area the cherry picker is on because of 2 reasons 1, steering can damage the surface 2; any leaks ie fuel /oil , can also damage the tarmac ,


Answered 14th Feb 2017

You are right, if you feel it's not safe then usually it isn't, the make up of a footpath falls below standards for a road. Footpaths are designed for pedestrians. Manhole covers are weaker, the subbase is less dense. The tarmac has 6mm aggreagate instead of 10, or 20. If you get this wrong, the HSE will come after you, under a HSE investigation you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. Stick with your gut feeling......its right


Answered 21st Feb 2017

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