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Preparation for gravel driveway - edging blocks.

Hi All,

I'm putting together a plan to excavate my current driveway (grass, mud, concrete) in preparation to lay a bed of gravel suitable for parking. My main question is: When I lay my edging blocks around the perimeter of the excavated ground, do I lay the blocks on the compacted MOT or do I lay before the MOT is put down?

This is my plan so far:

1. Micro digger hire to excavate the current driveway to a depth of 200mm.

2. Weed membrane placed.

3. 75mm of MOT compacted.

4. Another 75mm of MOT compacted.

5. Lay edging blocks around the perimeter of driveway in concrete.

6. 50mm of gravel placed on top of MOT and evenly raked out.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


2 Answers from MyBuilder Driveway Pavers

A concrete kerb log layed on top of compacted subsoil much like a foundation with kerb fitted on top, as its gravel you are using this will stop type 1 from spreading and hold it solid


Answered 17th Feb 2017

What your doing is ok concrete bed to lay kerb edgings or a good mortar bed if using block edgings but I would also lay another layer of weed control fabric ontop of your type 1 sub-base then but down your 50mm of decorative gravel.


Answered 6th Apr 2017

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