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How to cure water hammer?

I have a water hammer problem and it seems to be the external mains tap.It occurs irregardless of what tap is turned on in the house,although the louder bang seems to occur when the kitchen tap is turned off and when we flush the toilet.We've fitted an arrester approx 6-7 feet away from the external mains tap.I'm wondering whether the positioning is correct.Should it be closer to the mains tap?If so approx how far?Any information will be really appreciated.

I have amended this question because I didn't explain that it was the external tap(mains).

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you need to change the main stop tap inside the house, older stoptaps have a loose jumper ( the part that holds the washer) and this jumps up and down when a tap is turned on. change the stoptap for a fixed jumper type, most new stoptaps have them and this will solve the problem. its a simple fix for a good plumber.

hope this helps


Answered 17th Nov 2011

Try turning the main stop tap off just a little bit at time ie in quarter turns to restrict the flow but making sure you have enough flow for your requirements


Answered 29th Nov 2011

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