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Nightmare roofer

I gave the go ahead for a roofer from this site to repair a communal roof. Nightmare does not begin to explain the experience. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Since the work has been done and to a poor standard as the leaks remain, I have found out that the roofer is not insured and the guarantee he gave me is therefore obsolete, I would not be willing to let him work on my roof again. In addition, whilst working on the roof he managed to put his foot through my neighbours ceiling, this is when I found out he is not insured. I had the repair work carried out and he said he would pay for it but he is not responding to my emails now and I am really angry and upset at the whole situation! What, if anything, can I do?

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did you not ask to see insurance before he started ?,


Answered 12th Feb 2017

If you got the roofer off here then did he not have insurance on his advert as I had to send proof of mine to my builder .


Answered 12th Feb 2017

If you shortlisted him off of here you can view his insurance? Could have asked for proof when he came to see the job. I have been asked for my public liability loads of times.


Answered 12th Feb 2017

accidents happen especially on a roof this chap should have fixed it out and repaired any damage, not left it to you to correct and pay for his damage
you can pursue him through the small claims court, which will cost you a small fee
any guarantee is only as good as the person giving it, insurance does not and never will cover bad workmanship.

good luck Alex


Answered 12th Feb 2017

Alex from ADR is correct, just because you can see a fully insured builder/ roofer; insurance does not cover certain criterias such as "poor workmanship".


Answered 18th Feb 2017

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