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Any ideas on the best way of cleaning a conservatory roof

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Probably warm soapy water,use a long handled flat based mop and window blade (rubber)
If you go in the garden centres they do a long handled tool, you can clip rakes, hoes etc on, but they also have loads of other attachments, one might suit you.
There are firms that specialise in cleaning consevatories, google your area.


Answered 11th Mar 2011

If the roof is polycarbonate, use warm soapy water with a soft, foam type mop. Rinse off with a hosepipe.
If it's glass, you can use a pressure washer, but watch out for the ridge, which may be vented.


Answered 16th Mar 2011

warm soapy water and a mop then rinse with a hose pipe hope this help


Answered 5th Apr 2011

you would clean ypur roof just the same as you would your windows,hot soapy water


Answered 17th Apr 2011

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