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Do i need a new boiler?

I have a grant boiler and it burns oil. I had it serviced in April and has been operating fine until I noticed black smoke coming from it which has stained all of the wall. i phoned a company to come out who informed me my boiler was unsafe and that we could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. He also said that the boiler should not be in a bedroom. He put a sticker on it and marked it unsafe to use. he told us that it was repairable but it would most likely have to be a new boiler costing between 2000 and 4000 pounds he then suggested converting the heating to electric as it was cheaper. Could someone please give me a second opinion. We are a young working family in the lead to Christmas and freezing!!! £4000 is not what we were wanting 4 weeks before Christmas

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If your boiler is giving off Carbon Monoxide, then i would replace the boiler parts if it's relatively new. If it's quite an old boiler i would replace it with a more efficient Gas boiler and not electric!.
I know that it's an expensive purchase, but for peace of mind for you and your family and as you say it's coming up to xmas and it will inevitably be getting colder and the last thing you will need is it to breakdown again and be without any heating or hot water at xmas as it will cost you alot more to get it done then.
If you change it for a gas boiler it may not be as expensive as an oil fired boiler, it just depends what is needed to rejig the pipe work.
maybe in the region of £3,500


Answered 17th Nov 2011

I would post the job on here and check the responders profiles and feedback.
if the boiler is repairable, it might be enough to get you through christmas and give you time to save
£3000 - £4000 seems like a lot of money for a boiler change especially in the current climate. Although I don't work on oil.
It doesn't cost anything to get people around for a quote or opinion.
Be warned that the cheapest quote is not always the best to go for
Good luck

Kind regards



Answered 22nd Nov 2011

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