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How to join our new loft extension's wall to already built loft extension in a terraced property

My question is how to join our new loft extension's wall structurally to already built extension at neighbours' in terraced property? There are no brick parapet walls, just roof itself and chimney in the middle. Our neighbour's extension has slate finish on side. Shall I leave neighbour's slate tiles and construct timber frame wall with insulation, plasterboard and plywood on external side with no slates, obviously I will not have any access to install slates there... and then secure roof by applying watertight material under felt such as mastic, bonding materials etc. or maybe I should have a brick wall with insulation directly on a party wall next to slated neighbour's wall and timber frame wall at rear of my house and timber one on another side of extension? My neighbour has a felt roof and I would like it to be also made of felt. I want loft extension to be directly next to neighbour's side wall to have a continuous line. I will appreciate your advice.

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We would always advise to attach your extension on to your neighbours by removing the tiles on the side of their dormer and building from there. This would depend if the neighbours dormer is on the party wall or not. If its set back we would recommend setting your dormer so that all the necessary weathering is in place correctly. There should be enough space for someone to get between them.

If you can build off the party wall and build the dormers together this would prevent any water penetration at a later date should the roof fail in any way.


Answered 23rd Oct 2018

My advice it to instruct a surveyor or architect to assess the best way for you to proceed in accordance with building regulations to ensure there aren't any unforseen complications which haven't been considered as this sounds like a large project for you to undertake.


Answered 7th Feb 2017

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