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Sagging flooring hitting heating pipes beneath. a pevious owner cut through flooring (chipboard or similar) through which central heating pipes have been installed, boarding over gap, now sagging

Is there a relativly easy way to patch the floor as the floor dips and is hitting the heating pipes beneath, or how much of the floor will I have to remove. Is this a big job.

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You can if possible put some noggings in or alteratively brace some timbers spanning the cuts, screw into the braces from the top through both sheets of flooring to reinforce where the cuts were made.
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Answered 11th Mar 2011

Phils answer is right however if after doing this this still renders you with a uneven floor the best way to solve this is to use 9mm ply to help spread the weight over the damaged floor and will also give you a nice flat surface to lay carpets / wood ect

both methods are very easy and not too costly

hope this helps


Answered 18th Mar 2011

both answers are right best to reinforce original flooring with bridging supports then sheet out floor to give a even and smooth finish.


Answered 2nd Aug 2011

Perhaps the best and cheapest would be to put a layer of new floor on top of the old floor. Needs to be as ridged as possible so actually I would use 22mm water resistant chipboard, it is very dense, very ridged and cheaper than plywood. This would make up for the weakness caused by the pipes. It would need glueing and screwing in place to make it as solid as possible. If the 22mm increase in floor height is a problem, then probably best to remove the old floor and replace with chipboard or plywood, making sure a join is not near the cuts in the present floor, but spans the cuts at 90deg. You can glue and screw in place to lock it all together. Remember also, some floors sag, especially old floors.


Paul Albright


Answered 5th Nov 2014

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