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Old house rewiring - predominantly surface wiring

Recently moved into a very old property, I'm no expert but it looks as through the majority of the electrics are surface wiring, and the sockets have been incorrectly placed on the skirting and often flush with the floor.

Interested to know if this would be considered a bigger job than your average full house re-wire? Also would removal of old electrics (e.g. old wires, and old heating controls) be removed as part of a full rewire?

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Still should be the same job in regards to rewiring same amount of work required. of course all sockets would need to be raised higher and generally who ever you use to rewire should allow for heating control to be included if nessasary


Answered 6th Feb 2017

Make sure when you get some quotes everything you want is included in it. Including stripping out of the old stuff when new is up and working.


Answered 6th Feb 2017

When requesting any quote from an electrician ask how much additional points will be. You often find that when the work is being completed that your plans change or your revise the layout. If you get this at he first stage of the quote you wont get stung later. The guy that gives you the cheapest quote might have a high cost for an extra point, say an extra socket. The guy in the middle might have a lower PPP charge so if your plans change you wont get stuck and then you do have the flexibilty to make changes cheaply if you need it.


Answered 7th Feb 2017

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