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New roof & dry ridge tile system

In an effort to stop cold coming into a cavity of a wall, I last year had my roof refitted and they have installed the dry ridge system.
I am now suffering with worse cold in the wall and am now getting wind into the attic and definitely in the walls.
I have looked with binoculars and all I can see is gaps between the tiles so where the heck does the water go when it rains? Their is no sign of mating underneath the tiles so I fear water it just getting in through these gaps and into my walls?
Also where the tiles come down to the gutter is there not supposed to be something under them like a plastic fitting to stop wind coming in from that direction underneathe the tiles.

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New building regulations specify dry ridges on reroofs
Under the ridges there should be a rubber gasket to make roof watertight and eves protection system to gutter line but it should not be windy in roof space


Answered 6th Feb 2017

It new building regulations to install dry ridge system, also it should have 250mm of insulation as it a new roof. Has underneath of the overhang been sealed correctly. Hope this helps.


Answered 10th Feb 2017

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