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Flashing tape or full monty?

We have a rental property which has previously had no roof problems at all however a recent (rapidly departing!) tenant has taken out two minor roof support timbers and cut out a largish square in the roofing felt - presumably to make room for and let out the noxious fumes of some illegal substance production. The tiles have been replaced ok and we have had a carpenter to sort out the missing woodwork but we are left with the hole in the roofing felt. Research seems to indicate to me that flashing tape would do the job. My husband on the other hand is talking about a ladder and scaffold and taking off loads of tiles and I shudder at the thought of him up the ladder .... he is a very good DIYer but an accountant in real life. Any advice please? TIA

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sorry your husband is right but the only way to seal this properly is by taking of the tiles and re felting.

good luck alex


Answered 5th Feb 2017

Hi there
Yes unfortunately you would need to strip back the patch of roof tiles to expose the felt. Then with some new felt tuck under the lap of existing felt then re-tile back in.
Hope this is of some help.
Thanks Jason.


Answered 5th Feb 2017

Certainly not a job for a competent DIY'r. It's easy enough doing something on the ground, different kettle of fish on a roof.

Save your health and get a quote from a couple roofers. From what it sounds like it's no more than half a days work to strip a few m2 and re do it!


Answered 1st Mar 2017

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