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Our bedroom seems really damp. There are no air vents in the walls or windows. When we wake up in the morning the carpet etc feels damp and theres alot of moisture on both windows, pretty much soaking wet. There is also mould around windows. Can anyone help as to what this might be?

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This sounds like a condensation issue. Have you tried additional air flow through the room (i know it's not easy in these cold winters) but by simply opening a window slightly or making sure your trickle vents on you Windows are open may reduce the issue especially round the Windows.
You could also try the installation of a air brick/vent.
Also Try to keep the bathroom door shut as much as possible so the moisture doesn't escape into other parts of your home and try drying your clothes outside where possible.
Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Feb 2017

sounds like condensation. if you sleep at night with the windows closed and the central heating on, or even just your body heat the moisture that builds up through the night is surprisingly alot. as you do not have trickle vents try opening the window a little to alow airflow or have trickle vents installed in the windows. i always say to customers double glazing is designed to stop heat escaping and stay inside the house but you must let the house breath open the window dont have the heating on full for hours on end hope this helps nick


Answered 5th Feb 2017

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