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Dry ridge tiles fitted 3 months ago, 3 blew off. can i claim back money?

Hello, I would really appreciate some advice as this has really stressed me out and I've been scared to even sleep when it is windy now. 3 month ago a roofing company fitted dry ridge tiles and said they wouldn't budge even in high winds as they fitted it with 8 inch long nails. 3 have blown off when it was windy, luckily it was late night otherwise if they fell on anyone could kill them! I've contacted the roofers who have come to have a look, apologised and said they would return to fix it on a certain day which they have not. I don't trust their work now to repair since this happened and don't think it was fitted properly otherwise it wouldn't have come off so easily. Can anyone advice me if it's possible to claim the money back through the small claims court? Would really appreciate any advice, thank you.

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a dry ridge/hip system is a system that is very effective if fitted properly but can be effected by different weather conditions if not secure, even if the ridge tiles are cemented into place they still need to be mechanically fixed as well to comply with current building regulations, you have to give your roofer a chance in writing to correct any faulty/failure in their work, should they not turn up depending on the guarantee they have supplied then providing you can prove the system was fitted in correctly and it was not material failure that caused the ridge tiles to come of you may have a case. this might seem strange but if you don't trust their work why did you allow them to do your roof.

good luck Alex.


Answered 3rd Feb 2017

This is a very unusual situation if the dry ridge system was fitted correctly this should never happen as for the 8 inch nails I don't think this is correct when a 4 inch screw should be more than long enough to fix any dry ridge system down correctly how ever if they don't want to come back to correct the fault and to re check of the whole system to make sure the problem don't and won't happen again then yes this is very likely your entitled to put a case against this hope all goes well and you get this sorted.


Answered 5th Feb 2017

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