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Can't find the man hole for our house

Unfortunately we are facing a drain blockage but can't locate the man hole for our house. In the front of the house as well as in the garden we have concrete tiles, so it must be somewhere hidden underneath.

Who do we need to speak to get help to a) locate and open up the manhole and b) fixe the issue inside the whole?

Is it a builder or a plumber or specific companies who do it because the manhole is paved over?

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Hi I would call a local drain cleaner, they can send a camera down to look for the issue in the first place and may be able to get through the blockage whilst they are there. The can also track their camera to help identify where the manhole is that you are looking for. A builder or plumber will just have to use their experience to try to find it but if it's buried this would be a waste of money when a drain man could get straight into the problem.
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Answered 1st Feb 2017

you may be able to go to your building control department,they will have drawings of original plans for house showing drain runs and manholes.


Answered 8th Feb 2017

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