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What is the difference between a power shower and an ordinary electric shower apart from the obvious? do you need anything extra or different to be able to have a power shower?

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genrally a power shower has a hot and cold feed to it and provides a good shower with good volume of water. an electric shower is mains cold feed only and the shower unit has to heat the water so the flow is less.


Answered 20th Nov 2011

The phrase 'power shower' confuses people, you only need power to increase the amount of water flow or pressure to the shower ie with a mixer shower using tanks and cylinders .If you have a combi boiler it is not required also electric showers from the water main (they only have one pipe going to them) do not need pumping ie' power'


Answered 29th Nov 2011

a power shower in its true sense is best served by an independant pump served via storage tanks and cylinder, pressurised cylinders will give increased flow and there are a few companies making electric showers with small internal pumps generally the shower pressure will be less in this instance.


Answered 16th Nov 2011

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