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Hairline cracks

My living room walls are Plasterboard that has been skimmed with plaster .
My problem is that i have a couple of hairline cracks that run down most of the length of the wall that appear quite soon after painting presumably where the plasterboard joins are and if you press them you can see some slight movement at the cracks . Is there anything i can do to stop the movement thus stopping the cracks appearing before i paint the walls ?. Thanks

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There should be no movement in the plaster boards at all. There are couple options to consider.

The first and easiest is to use make the hairline crack slightly wider using a Stanley knife for a better key and fill using a flexible decorator caulk. However, the success of this depends on the strength of the plasterboard and if it has been scrimed ( mesh tape) you do not want to cut that.

The next option would be to chase out a 25mm channel where the cracks are and try fill behind the boards with plasterboard adhesive as well as the 25mm channel but leave it set back 5mm . Then use a product like easy fill to fill gap.

I would say these are the easiest 2 options which do not require much skill or experience.

I hope this helps


Answered 29th Jan 2017

Its should not move! Probably was done by some cowboy builder! Need to reopen where the movements are and fix more studs.


Answered 1st Feb 2017

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