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Fitting a roof window

i am fitting a roof window into a new extension roof. wondering if it best to fit the roof window first so that if need be i can adjust the roof tiles if need before final fix . also when fitting double roman tiles can i use full tiles next to the window sides or will the profile need to be cut ?

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Thats a very good answer from abacus roofing.
The flashing kit for slates and plain tiles will include a soaker kit but for the tiles you are using the flashing kit will include one big side flashing with the water channels (leave the foam on).
What i would do is measure the length of the rafters and get your gauge so that you dont have a short course under the roof window as it makes it very difficult to put the front apron on. Install the frame and the cuts on the sides and through the top will just work.
A common error when install roof windows with overlap tiles is, the tile has 2 nibs that hang over the battons, if a nib hits the side flashing knock it off with a hammer. This stops the tiles from kicking up and always nail in the tiles around the window.
If you need help in any way, just post another question. I hope this helps. Good luck
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Answered 27th Jan 2017

Hi, the carcass (frame can be fitted) then the window put in place before slating or tiling takes place, but it is vital you have the correct flashing kit required for whatever kind of slates or tiles are being laid, a merchant will tell you which kit is required according to to the product, weather it's single lap concrete tiles, plain tiles or slates etc.
Otherwise you can work the tile guage in according to where the window has been fitted.
However if they are large concrete tiles at a 13 inch guage for instance, try to fit the frame so the bottom falls no more than a couple of inches up from your last tile guage (lath, batton) so you get just the right cover with the bottom flashing (Front apron) and you will also avoid any unnecessary cutting (a short course).
You can use full tiles or you may even find you have to cut slithers, it doesn't matter about the profile as long as you cover the water channel's correctly on the side flashings.
I hope this is of some use to you.
Good luck!
Kind regards.

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Answered 27th Jan 2017

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