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Problem with old door jamb

I purchased a new interior door to fit my existing frame in my dining room,
however when i offer the new door up i can see that the frame for the door on the side where the hinges hang is not straight
under closes inspection that side has been planed off excessively to the point where around 15-20mm is missing where the middle hinge would sit.
top and bottom are in correct places it is just the middle.

is there any way to get around this or do i need a new door jamb?


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Hi there,

It sounds like quite a bit ,if you have 15-20mm in the middle of your doorframe.normally I would plane the bow out, by planing the door.But in this case unless you have 15-20mm to spare on the width of the door?The best thing to do is change the doorframe or if it's possible you can try and to put a packer to the back of the middle of the frame.If this makes sense.Then put a screw through the packer and frame to hold in place, use a straight edge when doing this.That way your doorframe will be straight.If this is possible it means after fitting your door. You will just have a dowel to fill the screw hole.


Answered 28th Jan 2017

First thing is to check the opening size of your door frame. The new door should be a few mm under this size.
If the frame on the hanging side has a bow in it you can plane the door to suit the bow. Most internal door edges have an edge strip to them so you can plane some bows out.
A new internal door frame is needed if the frame is to far out of square and has bows in it.


Answered 27th Jan 2017

Hi xolly187,
My advice would be to replace the door jamb as planing the door excessively on the hinge side will undoubtedly cause issues with the hinges themselves through over stress. They would most likely end up sqeaking which is really annoying.
Alternatively you can patch in a new piece but this would most likely be a more time consuming option and therefore will cost more.
Hope this helps

Reece Potter
- Carpenter


Answered 27th Jan 2017

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