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We're about to move into a house which currently has a really old boiler that needs replacing. The current system includes a hot water tank in the spare room and a cold water tank in the loft. The cold water tank is also in a really poor condition and needs replacing.

In looking for a new boiler, we're not sure whether to replace the system as it is, or whether to change to a combi boiler. This would free up a huge amount of space (particularly where the hot water tank is) and as we might convert the loft at some point in the next few years, would also free up space there too.

Can anyone offer some advice? It's a three-bed semi, there are just two of us living there at the moment.


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If there is just two of you living there atm I would personally change to a combi as it's easier more efficient and hot water is on demand, as you've stated you'd have more storage from removing the old tanks, if there's only two of you hot water use is not gunna be a lot. But if your looking too keep the house as a family home then maybe upgrading to a unvented system would be beneficial as you've got the water storage there and a good amount of pressure to feed a number of outlets.

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Answered 25th Jan 2017

Rip it all out and put in a storage combi. You get the best of both worlds having a small store of water that is also on demand freeing up a lot of space. Check out the Worcester highflow 440/550 and the Vaillant ecotec plus 938! Solved! P.s. If you need a quote for this please contact and I will be happy to visit and carry out a free survey to give you a quote.
Many thanks,


Answered 26th Jan 2017

i would definitely go for the combi boiler as there is only the 2 of you but make sure you have a secondary source of heat in the property like a gas fire or electric heaters to have warmth just in case your boiler goes down and a electric shower also comes in handy as you lose the heating and hot water until boiler is repaired


Answered 26th Jan 2017

All the information previously provide is very useful. But for a combi to work it needs good mains water pressure.
Another thing to bear in mind is the warranty of any replacement boiler, you get what you pay for.
A good boiler manufacturer should provide a 5 year warranty (parts & labour) giving you peace of mind, if anything was to go wrong.


Answered 26th Jan 2017

We would definantly recomment you converting your current system to a combi boiler.
Using the information you hve provided you would only require a 24kw combi boiler at present however with the planned loft conversion depending on what you are having in the loft you may need a 30kw you can get an Ideal Logic plus with a 7 year warranty at a reasonable price or an idel vogue with 10 years warranty thats 10 years of worry free heating and hot water supply.
As you state the benefits are freeing up a large amount of space, energy efficiency will be increased, better flow rates and a safer system.


Answered 27th Jan 2017

Combi boilers were invented for flats with no space. If your mains water pressure or flow rate is low, then combi boiler not advisable. In many cases open vented system is best you can get. You need heating engineer to check your system and advise accordingly


Answered 27th Jan 2017

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