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Maximizing opening in an extension

I've got small extension in an terraced house - about 4.5m (W) x 3.6m (L) - during the initial chat with the structural engineer he mentioned that the opening (for patio doors) cannot be wall to wall because the wall at either ends need to bigger to take roof weight. He suggested that I could put in steel frame on the outer edge to support the roof which would allow me to have an opening which is wall to wall.

If we do go with the steel columns -

How big a footing do we need as we are building along the party wall boundary ?

Also can the steel column be exposed inside or outside or does it need to be clad with brick or anything else ?

And finally can you fit patio doors (upvc or otherwise) directly to the steel pillar / column ?

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Good afternoon

Not sure what your engineer is referring to other than you would be taking away the return brick/block work either end , which is omitting the supporting brick/block work, however the steels would have to have some form of cladding around it and yes you can fix UPVC straight to steel work. this seems to be an extreme design for such a small extension, you could use the existing foundation.

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Dr Paul D Rogers
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Answered 25th Jan 2017

Hi, I also believe existing footing can be used. Steel can be clad and can except fixings so fitting doors to it isn't an issue. The engineer is correct though you will usually need a return as this is where the strength is at the corner of your extension. Thanks


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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