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22mm feed to mixer bar

Hi folks. I'm installing a miracle mixer bar shower with standard 3/4" inlet fittings. The existing pipework is 22mm and sons not to loose volume, I don't want to reduce it to 15mm BUT all the mixer wall mounts I've seen (plates and individual mounts) are 15mm x 3/4". Is the a mounting method for 22mm x 3/4"? Many thanks.

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Simply reduce the pipes line 20 cm before the mixer attachment. you won't loose any pressure.



Answered 26th Jan 2017

Hello. I wouldn't advise altering the size of the pipes any larger than 15mm. With modern pressures you get good flow rates from 15mm pipes and the showers are designed to work with 15mm inlets. There's a reason you can't find any 22mm mounts/plates!
P.s. If you have a combi and have 22mm pipes running to all hot outlets it will take twice as long for the hot water to get to your taps and will be losing twice the amount of heat through the pipes once the taps/showers are turned off due to the difference in water volume within the pipes.


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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