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What do i fill floor in with slc or a bonded screed ?

i have a 2 x 1 metre section of flooring to fill in..the existing subfloor is concrete with a 20mm screed on top, again the section to fill in is 20mm in told i need a tacky grout cement slurry onto the subfloor first followed by a bonded screed 3/1 sharp sand/cement+sbr 1/1 with the water ? does this sound correct as other people say you shouldnt screed less than 50/75mm in depth ? but the advice to do it this way is from a reputable tradesman im told ? is an alternative to use wickes deep fill slc which does 5-50mm ? as im having some nice floor tiles laid i want my subfloor solid & sound

2 Answers from MyBuilder Flooring Fitters

use latex sceed with granite chips then clean bucket and screed again over top with latex screed only


Answered 24th Nov 2011

use a latex screed with granite chips for 17mm let it dry over nite then screed the other 3mm with laytex screed


Answered 26th Jul 2012

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