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Back pointing and loft insulatiom

The loft in our 1911 terrace is accessible and we would like to board it and use for storage, but it is covered in dust/cement rubble from what I think is back pointing perishing and falling away. This also means that dust/rubble falls out every time we open the loft hatch!

It is not boarded which means that a lot of this debris has fallen directly onto the loft insulation.

We would like to get the loft boarded (there is already lighting up there) and something done about the debris (I've seen breathable membrane recommended?) but not sure where to start. Would we have to remove the existing insulation? and what type of trader could we ask to undertake the work?

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It will be the old horrible horse hair concoction they used to use to stop drafts (back pointing). You could fit breathable membrane but It would need the roof taking off, membrane fitting, new roof baton and depending on the condition of the slates re-fitting/replacing.
Other than that just get it re pointed :)


Answered 24th Jan 2017

If there isn't a huge amount of rubble I'd go around and carefully gather it up off the insulation. Then you could add more insulation to the loft and then board it out for storage. Remember to not compress the insulation when boarding it. It will be easier to clean up any lime rubble off the boarded floor rather than off the insulation. I'm afraid a breather membrane requires a whole new roof.


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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