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10.8 kw shower on a 6mm cable

I have a 10.8 KW shower on a 6 mm cable/ I have been advised to change the fuse to 45amp. I called a recommended electrician who advised that to have a 45amp fuse with a 10.8kw shower, I would need to replace the cable with a 10mm. Reading your blog, I can see that a 6mm cable with a 45amp fuse should be OK. Please can you advise if the electrician advise to change the cable to 10mm is the correct course of action?

thank you


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10mm cable for any shower over 8.5 kw I would have a 50amp MCB with an RCD a must. You do know this job is notifiable to building control? A 45a backing up a 6mm cable feeding a 10.8 kw shower and no mention of an RCD? Good luck


Answered 21st Jan 2017

I've just answered a question on something similar.
I concur with Deacon Electrical completely, and also your original electrician. As a rule of thumb yes the cable will certainly need to be 10mm for that rated shower.
To determine cable size you have to calculate it.
This means collating the information.
The length of cable run. The load in watts/amps, the installation method, is the cable in contact with insulation? an accurate cable size can then be calculated.
These are all contributory factors, and the exact reason why you should be using a qualified electrician.
This will also ensure you won't appear on News at Ten after a horrible disaster


Answered 19th Mar 2018

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