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I have concrete posts with grooves for the end of the arris rails. how do i replace the arris rails without removing the concrete posts?

Many thanks to those who responded. I now have all I need to get on with it!

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hi poulman
not profesional at all trust me you dont want to start driling and pushing arris rails in old concrete post trust me
1)measure the gap between post and get arris rails at the right size or slighly bigger
2)get in the same time arris rail brackets for concrete post (any fencing shop they sale those)the braket fits nice and easy into the post
you need one for each end of the arris rail
3) secure arris rail into the brakets using galvanised nails or screws
4)you can choose one end into the post and one with brakets attached or both ends with brakets
regards peter


Answered 16th Dec 2011

Hi, in my experience with this situation firstly measure the length of the new arris railing you will be puchasing to ensure it is the correct size.

If correct size it will fit straight in on one side of your concrete post reccess, push/wedge in as far as possible, for the opposite side to fit (without causing movement to concrete post) offer arris rail up to post, you should overhang wood a good inch or more over on post.

Mark rail back to insert on post so you have a pencil mark about 1cm overhang.
Cut arris rail then place uncut end back in post, place cut end above opposite post reccess and carefully knock down the wood on the post to post insert( rubber hammer usually good)
When arris rail finally hits insert, there will be play in the rail as it can move left to right, this cut end can now be chocked with cutoff piece of rail-hammer wedge into insert to tighten rail.
A small screw can be used to secure both wedge and rail at this point but ensure the hole is pre-drilled as small end s of wood can split when just a screwed together.

It always works for me.
I hope the above is understandable.
(Please note- not all answers will be the same) this one has been done with success on many occasions, as I'm sure your other responces have too)


Answered 17th Jan 2012

if you take both feather edge boards off both ends of the bay so that both ends of the aris rail are exposed then push all of the rails in one side of the bay then cut the oposite side of the rail, alongside the mortice post then when you put the new rails bk cut them the same size as the old ones put them in the posts and split the differance in lengh as to how much is in each of the posts then nail both feather edge boards on tight to each post as its the feather edge boards that stop the rails from moving does this help hope so (DAN)


Answered 16th Jan 2012

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