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Abestos roof needs removing

Hi there, bit of a odd one!
My roof is Abestos and needs replacing due to leaks in the panels. It that corrigated type. The top has moss on which could do with removing to find the leaks. The beams are rotten also. Before you just say replace it! My problem i have is that the roof is ajoining (not on a straight boundary either) to next door which is owned by the Housing Ass. (We are private.) The room itself is just a brick building with no insulation or inner structure. We wish to make this a useable room and not have it as a freezer. Can any one help to where i start?? Who do i call first?
Roofer, Housing Association, Architect?
Thanks in advance

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Roofer

Having worked for housing associations they tend to like to use their own guys so I would suggest talking to them first. Tell them about the issues you have, they may be looking to replace the adjoining roofs as well but don't want to cause you any further issue.


Answered 21st Jan 2017

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