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How much does it cost to install a sump pump?

There is a lot of water under my Mother's house. It is pumped out regularly, (every 2-3 months), but keeps coming back. No idea where it comes from and no-one seems able to help. Thought a sump pump might keep it under control.

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Until you solve the problem of the water under the house, which could be anything from broken drains or high water table, you can get a water pump as low as £45 from Screwfix, obviously the more you pay the better quality.
Get one with an automatic float on it, dig a small hole to lower the pump into, when the water rises the float will rise and the pump will kick in.
It will then shut of,when water level has dropped.
So basically you wont need to do anything.
Get the best you can afford, and try to solve the water problem.


Answered 14th Nov 2011

Pump's are available from Screw fix/Trade Counter,but choosing the right one is important, it all depends on the flow rate required and also the "head",flow rate speaks for itself while "head" determines how high the water needs to be pumped vertically before running off horizontally. Pump's with automatically operated floats look after themselves to a large extent, although cleaning debris from around the base filter periodically is a good idea. Dependant on where the pump has to be situated, it is usually a good idea to sit the pump in it's own small sunken p.c.c. ( pre cast concrete) chamber about 600mm x 600mm and about 750mm deep, this allows room for the float to rise un-obstructed. Because the pump will be left switched on, it is a good idea to plug it in through a R.C.D adapter. The chamber can be left open or fitted with a perforated lid dependent on where it is situated. Cost of pump anything from £40-£70 dependant on type, other cost's depend on length of pipework e.t.c.


Answered 17th Feb 2012

A submersilble pump is not good for a cellar. A sump pump cost £500 +INSTALL RAY


Answered 31st Oct 2012

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