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I have a c.80 year old blanket box for restoration

I am told it needs to be 'taken back' to remove the scratches and some of the chips and then re-waxed. How much should this cost? I have had a quote for £350.

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Hi, if it is c.1930's then it will likely be solid timber with veneered ply panels to the rear, bottom etc. It is difficult to advise without seeing the item and it's condition. If the box holds centimental value to you then i would suggest using a professional and expect to pay £150 - £300 for a full repolish. Your quote for £350 seems excessive for just cleaning back and waxing. If the box holds a lesser value to you then definately try refurbing yourself. I would advise a small 1/4 sheet sander and work your way through the grades of paper. You will need good quality paper - not sand paper. Look for red aluminium oxide paper. Start with 100 grit and work down to 240grit or finer depending on the finish you require. Be careful if there are veneered panels not to sand through the veneer. You will also need a good quality cabinet scraper for getting in to the corners. Expect to spend approx £60 on materials and approx 20 hours of your time. Although the end result should be very satisfying. Good luck.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Totally agree with both views, £350.00 is a lot for what you are describing, but a lot does depend on the inherent value of the item, if this is not great then a DIY job may give the desire finish, satisfaction & cost saving,

Hope this helps


Answered 26th Mar 2011

why not buy yourself a da sander in b@q for about £30. and wax about £20 tops. and have ago yourself.


Answered 12th Mar 2011

Its all about quality of finish. A poor restoration will leave you wishing you had left it in its "distressed" state! Old furniture can look great with scratches and chips but a harshly sanded piece will look awful.

A B & Q sander can literally scar it if your not careful. The first post is spot on, good quality abrasive starting at at least 100 grit then going on till the 300- 400 grit range. A good quality sander will help but there will be a fair amount of hand work, so dont be surprised that a few days disappear on this project (hence the guy asking for £350).

Good luck and invest the time or money to bring your piece back to life or just leave it and enjoy its history.


Answered 8th Apr 2011

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