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Shared access to driveway

Hi there I live in a converted house with two flats and a large driveway .
My Neighbour in the house next door wants to create a parking space in his front garden .Unfortunately to do this he wants to use our driveway in order to access this space which would mean a further vehicle or vehicles would be using the drive.
The road is heavily used with residents competing for off road parking. With this in mind it is difficult to sometimes exit the driveway as cars sometimes park along the dropped kerb.
I am against granting permission to my neighbour and have suggested he goes through the proper channels in order to create an off parking space or create his own access to his garden and paving the available garden space.
I feel granting permission could complicate matters in the future espescially if I come to sell my property.
Does anybody have any answers regarding the law?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Driveway Pavers

Keep your space to yourself. It already sounds like its very cluttered with cars so I think he is maybe trying to go down the cheap route by not having to go about planning permission to install a new driveway himself


Answered 13th Jan 2017

Keep your space to yourself. This could cause major problems when you or the other flat owner come to sell.

It might upset the neighbour but just explain it could cause problems when you come to sell.


Answered 15th Jan 2017

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