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Radiator bleed valve

we have try to let the air out from a radiator ,but the bleed valve stuck .
I am not sure if we can do anything about it without call plumber by ourselves .

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the bleed valve can stuck after the radiator been painted , try harder to open ,you will do no damage to the valve , if the air still cant came out ,close the in/out valves ,open the bleed valve / take the crew off ,open just for a bit the in /out valve -only one of them . get a metal wire and unblock the radiator till the water came true the hole , once you reach this point ,close the in/out valve ,place the bleed screw back , open the in/out valve , open the bleed valve just for a bit till you hear the air came out ,once the water start to drip close it properly .

Answered 13th Jan 2017

L&Z Multifunctional Ltd

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If the value is stuck and you can't turn it, try spraying on some WD40 and give it 20 minutes to 24 hours to penetrate. This should loosen the nut and make turning it easier. Be careful not to spray the walls and put something on the carpet to catch any drip.
It could be that the valves open but no water is coming into the radiator to expel the air in it. Try gently tapping with a spanner, the points where water gets restricted, if you find the point with a lump stopping the flow you may feel a slight rush as the blockage is dislodged. It my be traced all the way to where the isolation valve goes to the tank in the loft. Be careful as there's probably 30 gallons of water up there, might be safer to call a plumber at this point than it would be to try and free the valve there yourself.
Of course if you are satisfied that its just the bleed valve on the radiator and you can shut off both ends of the radiator so no water gets through. Buy a new bleed valve, wrap a bit of ptfe tape neatly around the thread and install it. If in doubt call a plumber.

Answered 13th Jan 2017

Flat Pack Ready

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If you have a metal radiator valve key try putting a pair of adjustable spanner on the key and turn should be fine.
If the air venting screw is damaged in a way preventing you from bleeding rad , I would suggest care fully with a old rag at the ready to stop any spray on the wall and an adjustable spanner slacken the main nut of which the bleeding screw is seated inside just to let the air escape but be sure once this is done to make sure the nut is tightened securely afterwards !!

Answered 13th Jan 2017

Allround Building Services

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