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Do i get the same builder back to repair?

A year ago I had a builder in to repair part of the flat roof on my garage - he had recently replaced my facias and gutters and had done a good job.
Now the roof is leaking around 3 of the edges and I have contacted him about a week ago by text to come and repair it - I have not got a reply yet.
How long should I wait for a reply please?
You see I find it very difficult to put myself in a builders shoes since I am not a builder.
What should I say if/when he replies?
I spoke with my son and he said to get someone else in to repair it.
I am wondering what to do now.
In principle I know that I am within my rights to get him back to repair it free of charge - but really, how on earth can the same builder who put the roof there in the first place fix it - if he couldn't do it in the first place.
What would you do? I do not want the stress of fighting with this builder - I am not as young as I used to be and cannot take all of this stress.
My son would contact him easily for me but I don't want to put my son under the stress - he has aspergers syndrome.
Should I cut my losses?
Its so difficult when you get older - Ive always been a fighter you see.

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Hi Christina

I dont know your builder/roofer but I feel you may be judging him too harshly at first! You say youve contacted him a week ago and got no response,he may be on holiday or having other issues and is fully intending on contacting you shortly.Id give him ample oppurtunity to reply first as youre always better getting him to sort it out for free in the first instance,once youve engaged the help of another tradesman your original builder will say the issues after the fact were caused by him.
Persevere and all could work out in the end,not all of us are rogues to be tarred with the same brush! However if you dont get a response then write to him and record the delivery,give him a deadline and if it passes get some free help from Citizens advise before you employ someone else.
Im sure it will be fine
Good luck!


Answered 12th Jan 2017

Hi Christina
Have you tried calling your builder? This would certainly be better than texting and more likely to get a response. What documentation / contract / agreement did you sign with the roofer to undertake the works? This would likely have the terms and conditions of any subsequent repair works required and state the length of their defects liability.
You must give the original builder the opportunity to rectify their works before appointing a further tradesmen.


Answered 12th Jan 2017

I would wait for the builder to come back out try rectify his problem with any remewal work on flat roofs it should come with a guarantee. And you should allways get a guarantee in writing from the contractor who done the work on your flat roof.


Answered 8th Feb 2017

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