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We want to plaster over an artex ceiling. its definetely artex - we had it tested when we moved in. the plasterer has advised my husband to knock off the bits which are too deep. is this dangerous?

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If you had it tested what were the results????....its not dangerous if you go about it the correct way, use a quality mask with filters and not the disposable ones and a throw away paper overall, wear goggles too,,,open all windows for good ventilation and hoover up afterwards, empty contents of hoover in to a plastic bag and seal, all to be done whilst still in the protective gear.I would say it maybe a cheaper option to overboard the ceiling with new plasterboard...those masks etc are not cheap, if I overboard a ceiling say 12'x12' approx, it only puts an extra £50 ish on the quote.

Answered 13th Nov 2011

ABM plastering

Member since 21 Feb 2011

Some artex has a very small amount of asbestos in it up to about 1983, if it has been painted that has ben sealed in. It makes sense to therefore wear a mask when scraping or disturbing the surface but its not dangerous.

Answered 13th Nov 2011

task construction

Member since 19 Jan 2009

This can potentially be dangerous.Some artex can contain asbestos however its only a possibility and scraping it back before plastering generally makes the process a lot easier,less time consuming and cheaper.

Answered 13th Nov 2011

S.G Plastering

Member since 10 Nov 2011

Can you be a bit more specific in your question?
When you had your ceiling tested,did they say it contained any trace of asbestos as well as telling you it is artex?
Artex and asbestos are two different things..........not all artex contained asbestos.
Let me know before all the scaremongers come on & put the fear of 'God' into you.


Answered 13th Nov 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Does he want your husband to skim it for him aswell???!!!!!!!!!
If you had it tested and it came back as safe then you should be fine open the windows, dust mask and safety goggles and away you go.

Answered 13th Nov 2011

ocr plastering

Member since 2 Mar 2011

is the plasterer not doing this as part of the job

Answered 13th Nov 2011

richard taggart building company

Member since 3 May 2010

no this is not dangeraous just make sure you wear saftey glasses

Answered 13th Nov 2011

SRD Property Maintenance

Member since 11 Nov 2011

if it has been tested then it is right or the deep bits will break off when being skimmed making the plaster unusable and without removing them the plaster is too deep and rough to do a good plastering job

Answered 14th Nov 2011

S.E.S services

Member since 11 Oct 2011

If the artex what...was tested results? The answer is always the same, any material that has asbestos in should be handled with care!. Most textured coatings around the 70s until the 1980s right up until 2000 in uk, but in this case this may be classed as non-licensed work but without seeing your test report I can't say for sure. But if you going to work on the ceiling if its safe to do so. I would use the wet-method for dealing with it. and you must fully clean down at the end but please don't use your hover as the filters on a domestic unit are not suitable and using the wrong type of hover will only spread lose asbestos dry fibres into the air.

I would say the best way forward is to overboard the ceiling any good plasterer can do this without any mess and fuss. for the added cost its worth it in the end

All the best with your project

Answered 28th Feb 2015


Member since 9 Apr 2008

Normally a plasterer will scrape the Artexed ceiling to knock off any loose Artex and to obtain a "flat ceiling,Uni-bond ceiling the day before and on the day of plasterering,However if there are any cracks in the original ceiling,we always advise to re=plasterboard over the Artexed ceiling,nothing worse than having a "newly plastered ceiling cracking" hope that helps ps it,s not dangereous

Answered 14th Nov 2011


Member since 22 Nov 2010

no its not dangerous. are you plastering the ceiling yourselves? if you are it might be easier to overboard the ceiling and skim it then as skimming over artex can and normaly is a pain!

Answered 13th Nov 2011

Perfection Finishings

Member since 11 Nov 2011

When you say it is definitely artex it means there is no problem its only a problem if it contains asbestos so if there is no asbestos you can remove the artex as much as you like although if you create any dust use a dust mask to prevent dust inhalation.
I hope this help

Answered 13th Nov 2011


Member since 9 Oct 2008

Test result? overboard with plasterboard if yes, or scrape and use mask and goggles and hoover clean up well'

Answered 18th Feb 2017

hawtree plastering/artex

Member since 25 Mar 2011

When you had it tested, did they state it contained asbestos.
Whatever you decide, wear a good dust mask.

Answered 13th Nov 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

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