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How to defer neighbour's kitchen extension planning application with the council

my neighbour has a 3m kitchen extension, i am end of terrace, he is betwee terrace. he put in an application to demolish the current extension and build a 4.5m extesion. this all just before chrsitmas and i have till tomorrow 6th of jan to oppose to it. Can i defer it on grounds that i am away and therefore i am not ableto physically see how this will impact my house. aren't extensions usually only allowed to 3m if in terraced houses? None of my neighbours havw lareer extensions than 3m, can this be another reason to defer. I have tried to get a contact number for the architect that has done the plan but it was mission impossible.
the neighbours have rights of way thorugh my garden, does anyone know what they will be allowed or not allowed to do? Ie. store materials in my garden, step over my grass, lift my panels up?
thank you very much for your help

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Hi no they are not allowed to store materials in your garden it is a walk through only right of way if that's what you have as for extension planing will tell you and you would need to phone plannig
To. Ask thanks Chris cjs


Answered 5th Jan 2017

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