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Sound proofing ceiling

We are in a new build conversion (300 year old building new renovation) ceiling of our flat is new(not original part of building) and walls are plasterboard. We are being plagued by walking and thumping sounds from the apartment upstairs (no tv/music noises) the apartment is 9 months since completion, and the noise has got progressively worse in the last 3-4 months. We do not get noise through the walls/ next door just through the ceiling. I am of the idea that the apartments have floating floors but could be wrong. Any advice on additional soundproofing we can do / cost or remedial action advised? Thanks

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Insulation Installer

soundproof a ceiling by insulating the existing ceiling cavity. Use Acoustic insulation inside your ceiling voids to reduce airborne sounds. Use acoustic hangers and create separation in the ceilings structure. Soundbreaker bars will reduce sound transferring through ceilings

When doing any soundproofing getting the right length screws is vital as can be a lot of weight bearing down especially with fresh plaster sitting on top, thanks


Answered 30th Dec 2016

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