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Should my driveway be sinking and ponding in various areas. it is 64 m2 and has been lifted and relayed 6 times by the company for various reasons.

I had my drive block paved in 2008 by Professional Block Paving Co North East to the cost of £3500. Have had nothing but problems with it flooding and now sinking and ponding in various areas. It has been lifted and relayed 6 times over the past couple of years. Last year it started sinking in various areas of the main drive and also the pathway leading to the front door not majorely but enough to leave ponding areas of water after rainfall. Spoke to the builder who said he would get back to me in September of last year after he had looked at the photos but had no contact. I pursued the issue again this September and after the builder came out he said he would return when it is raining to see for himself but he also accused me of putting a hosepipe on it when taking the photos considering it was already raining and when driving over the drive in my car its like being on a mini roller coaster, also he has never been back or in contact even after i sent a final letter after my letter of action. He also states that its because its such a flat area and other various excuses. I feel that the only matter of action is to take this to court. Should the drive be sinking after this period ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Rob Mclean

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over 3.5 years old could be ground movement deeper ,root ,trees sucking moisture ground heave ect ,you had a good deal anyway at 3500 for 64m2 dig out base up and lay should be around 5k ,maybe you went for him because he was cheaper ,maybe he only priced to scrape off instead of dig out ,court wont do anything ,do you think currys would take back a tv after 3 years ,behave yourself


Answered 10th Nov 2011

Its obvious the drive hasnt been done properly.
The main reason could be the ground preparation, did he dig enough out, down to good solid ground, with a minimum if 200mm of clean type 1 hardcore, rolled via a vibrate roller and not a whacker plate.
Sounds like he realises its not right, and probably wont see him again.
Your only option really is the courts, but its a long drawn out process.


Answered 10th Nov 2011

There's no cutting corners in the building trade..........

you get what you pay for.



Answered 11th Nov 2011

Possibly the whole area of your driveway layed by the same circumstances as those bits were you got the problem and you might will get some more in the near future. As the bloke said above 20-25cm of sub base necessary to be layed specially for driveways because of the heavy vehicles. Shortly you just threw a few thousands of labour cost through the window.
Good luck with it.


Answered 8th Dec 2011

On a clay base im very suprised no one above has mentioned geotextiles... This is how to pave properly to stop sinking, my driveways come with a written 10yr guarantee but you would have paid 5500 for us to do the work. Cheapest is never best, probably cost the same again to re do it all correctly.


Answered 12th Feb 2012

think i need to raise my prices we lay block paving at £50 per m2 fully excavated stoned up ect and not one has ever moved


Answered 13th Nov 2011

the only explanation i could give is there hasn't been enough soft earth removed and hardcore , type one metal put in, this is a major problem with monoblocking


Answered 10th Nov 2011

in one setence you get what you pay for.....


Answered 14th Nov 2011

With court action. You should dig areas to see of problems blocks
25m sand.
0.150 type 1 min.
Clay or wet ground use of membrane. To stop finds of sand..
A lot of paviers are using reclaimed tarmac as a Base Matirals
Crushed concrete is a favorite.
Type 1 is a specified Matirals from 20mm to finensure dust
Compacted is consolidated.
200m would never sink.
I would dig inspect and record.ones findings.
Blocks.50mm. or 80m
Sand min of 20mm to
Type 1. Min 0.150 or .200m
Any less.of each Matirals take it to court. Be delt with fast track.


Answered 24th Feb 2018

hi rob
i can,t stress people enough ,is no gold pot at the end of the rainbow and is not super cheaper deals and to get maximum quality,no one should considere quote with value so diferent 64sqm is around £6500 k not £3500,i dont blame the builder either doesn,t know prices or how needs to be done or he doesn,t care what happens after that,court wont do anything as is a civil mater,and to be done properly you have to pay high premium
thanks peter
by the way the builder doesn,t have to wait to rain a hose pipe and leave the water on and you will see where are the problems


Answered 21st Dec 2011

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